Sunday, February 01, 2015


This week's Faculty Spotlight is PMAC's Mary Sheehy, our newest Visual Arts Teacher!

Mary Sheehy is PMAC's newest Visual Arts teacher - and what a great addition she is! Tying into our growing Early Childhood Program and focusing her attention on our youngest artists, Mary will be teaching children ages 3-5 in her Young Artists: A Kinder Kind of Art classes. In these classes, Mary uses literature to spark creativity and create a foundation of learning. She uses the building blocks of art to further develop fine motor skills, build confidence and most importantly...have fun!

We've asked Mary a few questions to find out a little more about her passion for art of all kinds!

PMAC: What is your teaching philosophy?

Mary Sheehy: I believe that as children we are born with an infinite amount of creativity, and as a teacher it's my job to help kids release that creativity. I try to incorporate all kinds of learning into my art classes. We read books and complete projects based of the books. We work on fine motor skills and social skills as well as learning about different artistic processes.

PMAC: What are some aspects you enjoy about teaching young children art?

MS: I love that young kids don't hold back. They aren't afraid to use whatever color they like or try new things. They express themselves without the fear of being criticized like older students and adults can be. They also get so excited about everything we do, it gets me pumped up.

PMAC: What inspires you to make art?

MS: People. I find human interaction and emotions so fascinating. I studied ceramics, and work in installation and very large scale work. I'm an extremely active person, so I like to be physically involved in my art.

PMAC: Are you only a visual artist?

MS: NO! I grew up as a dancer, and currently teach dance classes. I studied ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary...and I teach all of those! It's so fun.

PMAC: Who are some of your favorite visual artists right now?

MS: I'm a complete history nerd, so Degas and Michelangelo will always be my favorites. As for current artists I love Greg Payce, Toshiko Takaezu, and David Solow.

PMAC: If you were a musician, what would you play?

MS: Drums!...probably the bongos. I like making big loud noises.

Thank you Mary! If you're interested in getting your young artist into some awesome classes with this wonderful teacher, check out her class listings HERE! Session Two Art begins on March 9 - sign up early to reserve your spot!

Register Online, call us at 603.431.4278 or stop by and say hello!