Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pictures are back

Now that I'm posting exclusively on blogger, I can start using photos once again. Here is one of the wonderfully eccentric and fabulous Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls who stopped to pose for me mid-song while performing Radiohead's "Creep" outside on the street before the True Colors show in Boston.

The New and Improved Blog

Hi all,

Since upgrading the PMAC website, I've decided to continue my blog exclusively here on The primary benefit is that this site supports RSS Feeds, so those who want to be notified when I post a new entry can set up a feed quickly and easily. Additionally, I've been cross-posting between PMAC Online and here for about seven months now and it this will remove that extra step. So now the PMAC Online site will bring you straight here when you click on my blog. Coolness. Enjoy the summer weather and hope you'll visit often.